Welcome to Sakthi Software

Sakthi Software, LLC (Sakthi) provides wide spectrum of software solutions. Sakthi develops and implement innovative software solutions to Healthcare, Medical, Hospital management solutions, Healthcare insurance, Pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies. Sakthi also helps to develop product development and business solutions.

Sakthi also helps to develop product development and business solutions.

Sakthi has several years of experience in custom software development, system integration, quality engineering, project management, IT staffing, outsourcing, and outsourced management.

Custom solutions:

Delivering easy-to-use and easily- maintainable business solutions is one of our specialties. Running your business is hard enough. The software systems you depend on shouldn't make it harder. We believe software product development is a blend of technical artistry and high-end engineering - we go far beyond programming.

We have team of experienced professionals develop and implement any complex custom solutions within reasonable cost and time.

Professional services:

One of our speciality is helping our customers to develop their applications using our experienced and highly skilled developers and designers. Our developers and designers are available for short term as well as long term. Our professional service team has worked in several industries and in several platforms.

IT infrastructure:

Sakthi can provid IT and infrastructure solutions and we can maintain systems ranging from simple and autonomous to complex and highly integrated multi-systems.


We have well established offshore center and we have highly experienced IT professionals in the offshore offices. Our offshore centers have capability to develop any complex software project to manage IT infrastructure.

We have saved anywhere from 40% to 75% of development and implement costs for our customers.